Create new table runtime with different scheme

hello there!

I am new to backendless and I want to know how I can create a new data table with different scheme in the code (during runtime)
I am building a messaging app and for each user I want to have 2 different table one for chat list and the other for messages.
This tables are with different scheme and they need to be created in runtime by code.
I would like a code example if it’s not a big deal!

Thank you and have a good day!

Hi Ido,

When you save an object of a class, Backendless dynamically creates a table if it does not exist. The name of the table matches the name of the class.

The documentation has plenty code examples. I’d be happy to point out one if you could let me know what language you’re developing with.


Hello and Thank you for the quick help… Im coding in android studio in Java


Please see the example here:

If you look into the “Custom Class” approach, there is the Contact class. When an instance of the class is saved in Backendless, it will create the Contact table if one is not there.