Creating a file directory?

In the File API, I don’t see an option to create a directory. I want to segment my user files by directory to avoid file name collisions. I haven’t tried, but I guess I could copy an empty directory and rename it using the existing API options, but that seems like a workaround. What am I missing?


Hello @Tim_Jones,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create empty directory using API, only via Backendless console.
I’ve created an discussion ticket BKNDLSS-27914 to discuss this feature.


Alternatively, you could upload a dummy file into a directory that should be created. Once the file is uploaded (and the directory is created), you can delete the file.

Ohhhhhhh. The answer is so simple I missed it.

I’m using the file upload button. I went to Target Directory Logic and assumed I needed to use a code block in the bracket to make a directory. I didn’t realize I could just pass in a text string and the directory would be created.

Thanks for the help @mark-piller and @olhadanylova!

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