Custom business logic execution has been terminated because it did not complete in permitted time

We’ve copied all stuff from our Backendless “dev” app to “prod” app in accordance with
Everything seems to be fine, but REST requests fail:

The same request works fine on our first Backendless application -
Could you please advice how it can be fixed?

The limit of the free tier for business logic invocation is 5 seconds. When your code runs for longer than that, the error you see is returned. You can extend the runtime to 20 seconds by purchasing a Function Pack from the Marketplace. You can try running your server-side code in the debug mode (using CodeRunner) in order to see how long your code executes.


Mark, we’ve purchased plugin during app migration phase and it’s active -

Ok, that means the code takes more than 20 seconds to run. Please check in the debug mode to see the exact duration of the execution.


during debug we’ve found out that Management API returns error “Internal server error with id D020220A-7C78-5502-FF70-2E0DBD5BEB00”

It seems to be a reason why call fails.

How it can be fixed?

Could you please let us know what that management API call looks like?