Custom Business Login won't work

I’ve got 3 Handlers. One of them sends a GCM whenever a new object is created in a certain table.

Until yesterday the code worked well. Today I’ve been reported that custom business logic cant finish when creating a new object in that table. However, the handler “was” async and therefore the object should have been created.

I went over to debugging this and found that the code works as usual when in “DEVELOPEMENT” mode via Coderunner. After I publish the 3 handlers I’m still able to create objects in that table but the handler won’t send GCM’s anymore.

How to address this isssue? Do you see any cloud related issues with custom business logic?


Hi Jens!

Currently we update production server. After several minutes issue will be resolved.

Hey Kate,

is there a way to get informed beforehand such events?


We will think how to inform users about service update.
Could you invoke handlers again?

Yes i can.

You’ve got your user’s emails -> send them a mail. =)