Custom Domain points to but no to my app's web folder


I followed the guide here: and also here: but I can not connect my domain to my app’s web folder in the file storage.

First question is: In the second link above it is said that custom domain is only available in " Backendless Plus pricing plan" with a link that shows a 404 error (if Im rigth, that is because your Pricing Policy has changed) but in my free app I’m able to see and edit the Custom Domain section, so it is now free to use it? If the answer is “NO, YOU HAVE TO PAY” you may stop reading, that should be the problem…

But if the answer “YES, NOW IT’S FREE” the problem is something else, so I continue telling you what I did:

    I added the CNAME pointing to backendless in my own domain (print attached). I configured my own domine in the Custom Domine of my Backendless app (print attached).
I was expecting that when I enter (my own domain) it would open the index.html file of my app's web folder. But it just goes to home page..

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Marcos,

The feature is now free. The problem was in the doc, it was referencing, however the domain you should be mapping in CNAME is (it is interesting that the English version of the console mentions the correct domain name to map to).

The doc has been fixed on our side. Please change the CNAME mapping and try again (assuming you wait for the DNS propagation to take place).



I did that change, waited for the propagation and now it is working!