Custom Web Services in PHP


I’m starting with Backendless, for now I’ve been very happy with this tool. But I think I’m missing something.
I would like to develop a custom Web Service to do some image treatment in PHP.
I can’t find the way to make it work.
I made a very simple .php web service that answers a REST POST request.
But I can’t call it either from the browser or the mobile app.
Any solutions/alternatives?

The web service will request several images (Backendless File paths) and then it will make some calculations and modifications, it will generate a new image (bitmap) and will have to send it to the client. I would love to code this in PHP.

Thank you.


Hi Jose,

The functionality you describe will be available with Backendless within about 2 weeks.


I am also interested in being able to do a custom web service in PHP. In my case I’d like to implement a JWT endpoint as I’d like to use backendless as my authentication. Is this possible? I really like backendless but without this ability I’m hesitant to adopt it. Thanks for all your help!

Hi Michael,

The PHP Custom Services are already supported. Please give it a try.

Thanks Sergey! Is there any documentation on how to do this?