Data binding not working when using change-arrow in numeric input fields

I have an input field of type number. I don’t want to allow negative values within this field.

To achieve this, I’m binding the field to the property newValue of the Page Data Model via the “Value Logic” configuration.

Then, I’m defining an On Change Event for this field in the following way:

This works well, when entering a value into the field via the keyboard. In contrast, when using the small value-change arrows
the condition Changed Value < 0 is correctly evaluated, however, the Set property block has no effect.

How to set the value to 0 then?


Hello @Klaas_Klever

Thank you for reporting this issue, I reproduced that, and I don’t think that should work in this way.
So I have created an internal ticket for it(BKNDLSS-27096).

For now, you could use something like that at Value Logic:

Regards, Dima