Data portal issues

Hi guys, we have a couple issues on our backend that you may be able to assist with.

  1. When we click on a particular table, the table data does not show, and we get an Internal Server error. See attached screenshot for reference.

  2. We are facing an issue with Registration that we haven’t seen before (it was working before). We have a field on the Users table called “orgCode”. This need to be a String value, but there are cases in which this value will only be numbers. When we try to register a user with “12345” in that field, for instance, we are sending it as a String to Backendless from our iPhone app, but we get the error: “Unable to save object - invalid data type for properties - orgCode”. Can this be addressed in any way other than having to just use a numerical type in the backend?

Hi Vincent,

for (1) please let us know your app id.

for (2), when you put the orgCode property into the BackendlessUser object, is it always a string? (even when the value is all numeric)?


Hi Mark, and thanks for the prompt reply!

App ID is: 11E027CC-8167-0540-FF9C-B7C4B60FC000

For my second question, I think I just found the issue there. We’re using a form, and we had it set to numeric. You can ignore that question, sorry for not spotting that before!

Hi Vincent,

Have you ever had a table called “imagess” in this app?


Hi Mark - not to my knowledge, although one of the developers could have accidentally created one at one time. It’s definitely not there now, though and any kinds of references to it can safely be removed.

Is there something in the AccidentReport table that could perhaps be referencing a non-existing table?

Hi Vincent,

I see that your table AccidentReport contains column “images”, with primitive collection type, which is not supported in Backendless yet. Could you please tell us which data type was it meant to have? In other words, what did you intend to store in it?

Thank you Sergey, and good find on that. Looks like we had code that was basically uploading an array of UIImages, which doesn’t seem right. I removed the column and the code on the app side, and I can now access the AccidentReport data. Thank you again! Great support as usual