data source and backendless


I have a table in backendless called “tbl_Employee” with fields employee_id and employee_name. I need to load a combobox in my or c# application with all the employees in the table and combobox’s display member should be employee name and value member is employee_ID. How can I set the datasource of a combo box using backendless database? Please help me…

sorry, could you please clarify your question - you don’t know how to receive data from Backendless?

As a beginner, am not that much aware about the retrieval of data from backendless. I need to set a data source property for a combo box in my .net application. datasource should get from the table in backendless. Hope u got the question clearly…


Backendless API returns a collection of data to your application. That collection is accessible via the BackendlessCollection class. Binding an array of data in .NET to a ui component is a topic that is covered in the .NET documentation (as well as many other resources - simple search on google returns 93,000 results).