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Decrease quantity of the code

I have a suggestion. I understand that backendless wants to decrease a maintenance for server. What will be if developer can get full object with relations, but you will create several requests inside of the sdk. It’s mean that he will just setup like on v.3 of sdk (or similar). In this case we will have less code and all be more readable. No need to write additional requests, all be inside the sdk, but you will count separated requests.
Thanks to rxjava, that helps me to decrease code and reduce headache with a new logic after integrating of v.4 to apps.
I just want to write LESS code. The similar sense in your name backend “LESS”
The reason of it:
Thank for a great work.

Hi Oleg

Thanks for the idea, we’ll discuss it and get back to you ASAP (I suppose in several hours).

Regards Anton


Thanks again for the idea, it will be considered in details later, as currently there are too much of things to be done on our roadmap. Meanwhile we would appreciate changes in SDK that would improve user experience, so feel free to push changes to SDK as it is open-source.