Deep Save - Create Parent & Update Child relations Bug?


I am trying to create a new parent object and then update 2 additional related children using Deep Save, the API does not throw an error and a record is created in the parent table, but apart from the default values, all of the rest of the fields are blank?

I have double checked the object being sent to the backend and it contains all the values required in the correct format. It also returns a results object, but all the fields are listed as null.

Any ideas to what could be the issue?


Hello @Farid

How does your code look like?

my object looks like;

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 16.35.16

and the deep save api look like;
Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 16.35.39


Are the relation columns defined in the Detentions table?

Yes, it works if I update an existing object in Detentions table and add related child objects, just cant create new objects with deep save.


Could you try creating a separate API service and narrow down the logic to where it makes one Deep Save call perhaps with hard coded values? If it fails, there, please let us know the name of that service so we can reproduce the problem.

When hard coding the values, the deep save works as expected creating the new parent and updating 2 related children.

I assume my codeless logic is causing an issue, although cant see what the issue could be as just before the deepsave API is called, I am printing the object, which contains all the data required.


Could you try comparing the object you print in the isolated service (where it works) and in the logic where it fails and compare the two? You’re welcome to post both outputs here so we can take a look as well.

Wow - not sure how, but as I ran the API again in UI builder to grab the printed object, it suddenly works as expected.

I have not changed anything in codeless, not sure if a refresh of the FRONTEND, had anything to do with it? strange.

Thanks for your time

Hello @Farid ,

I am glad that you have handled it.

not sure if a refresh of the FRONTEND, had anything to do with it?
It is hard to say, in any case, we will be happy to help you if you have any questions.