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Delete relationship via REST

(Bugdroid) #1

I need to update an Object by only remove its relationship. As I understand from documentation, and after some tests, the minimum amount of code i need for this is something like:

“__meta”:"…here goes all the __meta value i received from get object"

Is this “__meta” really necessary?
What is the reason to pass this parameter?
I would expect Backendless to take in consideration de object I pass in URL (to identify the object i need to update), and then update the parameters I need according to passed values. As it happens when i want to update a String object (for example).

(Stanislaw Grin) #2


meta property is necessary for server, but you do not need to care what it’s value and change it. The reason to pass this parameter is for the server to know what was changed/deleted in your updated object.

Hope it helps.