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Deleting my account

Hi Hans,

Your account has been deleted.


Hello there! Could anybody delete my account please? I have already removed all my apps. Thanks in advance.

Hello, that will be done some time tomorrow. The company is closed today for the Easter holiday.


Hello Vasilii,
The internal ticket BKNDLSS-18493 is created. We’ll respond here as soon as your acc is deleted.


@Vasilii_Kovalev done

Hello, I would like to delete my account as well. I have deleted my apps as well. Thank you!

@Marco-Tomas_Ambrogi-Torres done

Can you please delete my account. There are no apps on my account now.


@Binu_Mathew, done, the account has been deleted.

Please delete my account

We can delete your account, once all the applications in it have been deleted. You can delete your app by logging into backendless console and selecting Manage > App Settings > Delete Application. Let us know when the app has been deleted.

App deleted

Apps deleted

Thanks. Your account will be deleted when support is back. Right now is a weekend and support handles only urgent production-related issues.


Can I have my account deleted aswell? Thanks!

Hi @Reo_Developer

Do you have all your apps deleted? If not - please delete all your Backendless application first


Yes everything is deleted and ready to have my account deleted

Hi @Reo_Developer

Your account has been deleted

Regards, Vlad

Please delete my account as well. All apps are deleted.

@martin-achenbach Done.