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Deletting application & closing account

We want to delete application and close account but getting message

Cannot Process Request, There is unpaid balance on account.

Applicatin Id: 953C30BA-0C38-72DD-FF82-38D96FCBA600

Hi. We’ll investigate the problem ASAP and post here the results.


Our system shows the subscription was cancelled on May 6th, 2017 due to unpaid charge of $25. This is the reason you cannot delete the app. We can try to resubmitting the charge against the credit card on file. If it goes through, you will be able to delete the app and we would be able to subsequently delete your account.


Please go ahead and do the necessary so that we can remove the applicaiton and delete account.

The subscription has been reactivated. You should be able to delete the app from Backendless console now. Once you do that, let us know and we will delete the developer account as well.


We have deleted all applications in our account. We asume no further charges will be posted; you can delete developer account if you want. Thanks.


Do you want us to delete your develop account?

i want to delete my apps and close my account you have been charging me even though i only signed up for the free service i have never used your services

@jairus_meacham, you can delete your app using Backendless console.