Device registration custom header

I am using push notifications and it is working great. I would like to customize the header for the device registration response. Is that possible? How can I achieve that?


Hello @Sanjay_Iyer,

are you talking about Push Notifications in UI Builder?


Yes. I am using push notifications I am using UI Builder and codeless throughout in my app.

Could you please clarify which headers you’d like to modify?

I have an ios app. When I open the app, the device registers with backendless for push notification. I see a notification back from backendless saying the device is registered. This is part of your standard SDK and works fine.

what I want to do is send a couple of custom data fields in that response back from backendless. Either in the header or message body, either is fine.

Hello @Sanjay_Iyer

How do you send push notifications to your device, could you please share your logic?

Regards, Vlad

I created this API service to trigger push notifications from server to app during different times as dictated by the business logic.

The data I want to pass to device does not belong here. It should belong in the device registration push notification.

My question is how can I customize the registration ack coming from server.

I’m not sure I understand this one:

I assume the message the device is registered is just an alert, isn’t it?

yes. alert. I am assuming it is implemented as a push notification from the server.

Hi @Sanjay_Iyer

it is implemented as a push notification from the server.

No, the message about device registration is a plain text that is displayed as a message box in iOS.
You cannot modify it.

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