Difficulty to import CSV on Geopoint

I am having a difficulty to import my data in csv format into Geopoint.

It is working in ‘DataService’ but not working in Geo Point.

IS there any problem on my file?

GeoPointcopy.csv (1.4kB)

I revised the file up to some answers here but still not working.
I got this msg:

1 18:42:44 IMPORT_GEO Importing Started.
2 18:42:44 IMPORT_GEO Importing failed. java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: “longitude(DOUBLE)”
3 18:42:44 IMPORT_GEO Importing Finished.

GeoPointcopy1.csv (305B)

I found the solution up to some articles.

  1. U should check ‘csv’ format in text editor, not in excel. I forgot to do that at first time
  2. From the first row, u should input the data, not string like longitude
    like this: 37.50917122,127.0409887,“Cafe”,“city=Seoul”
    Format: latitude, longitude, “CategoryName”, “MetaData”

That’s correct. Exactly as it is described in the documentation, see the “Importing for Geo Service” section: