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Display property cannot be checked

Hi, I have an input field where I accendentally unchecked “Display”. Now I try to check that box again because I need that input, but the checkbox returns to unchecked when I reload the UI builder or visit the Preview page.

There’s logic attached to that input so I prefer to keep it. If there were no logic I would have just deleted it and recreated it.

Does this sound familiar? What to do?

Ok, I ended up just recreating the input. It couldn’t go on developing without it :slight_smile:

Hi @Michiel_Prins ,

thanks for reporting this issue!
Yes, this is a known issue. It is fixed and will be released very soon, we’ll notify you here once the fix will be available.

For now, there is a workaround trick you can do: click three times on the checkbox.


Hello @Michiel_Prins

We’ve just updated cloud servers with a fix for the issue you described above. Could you kindly let us know whether fix works for you well?


Yes it works!

Can I find the release notes for v6.3.3 somewhere? Can’t find them on the release notes page.

Release notes will appear here once we publish them: