Do file storage/retrieval count as API calls?

Dear Backendless,

Do file storage/retrieval count as API calls?
In other word, are the calls directed towards the file storage service use my API requests/seconds?


Hi Emmanuel!

Yes, requests to file service included into api calls limit counting.

Thanks for the answer, although this comes a bit as a (bad) surprise…

I notice that URLs to files are indeed in the form<APPID>/path_to_file. Ideally, static content should be distributed by a fast CDN. Do these URLs sit behind a CDN? If not, are you considering the option to offer hosting static files behind a CDN and charging for traffic instead of API calls?


Hi Emmanuel,

The static content is not behind a CDN. We do not have any plans to introduce that feature, however, there is absolutely nothing that would preclude you from using something like cloudflare to distribute your static content via their (or any other provider’s) CDN.