Documentation deprecated?


I just came across with backendless and decided to give it a go. So far I’m loving the features available.

But is the documentation updated? Because on retrive user schema it mention propertyname as an attribute of response and when running the request with postman I get just name (not to mention the rest of attributes also differ).

Now I was testing to register users (as it mentions in and I’m getting the following response:

{“code”:1000,“message”:“Entity with the specified ID cannot be found: Id - register”}

I’m I looking at the wrong documentation?

Telmo Cardoso

Hi Telmo,

Regarding retrieval of the user properties, I just made sure the latest doc is out there. Please refresh the page:

As for user registration, what HTTP verb, headers and body do you send to the user registration API endpoint?


Hi Mark,

thanks for quick reply.

For user registration I’m doing a request at:

with application-id, secret-key, Content-Type, application-type, email and password. Please check screen at

Hi Telmo,

You’re doing it wrong and not following the documentation:

The user registration request is POST, but you’re sending GET. Also, there must be request body consisting of:
{ “email” : value, “password” : value, …}

Working, thanks a lot and sorry :wink: