Documentation Expansion

Just been reading your docs ,the docs on Android is great but would just like to suggest that make others in detail too as the docs of PHP and Javascript are not that much detailed and even there is no help on internet regarding this we only rely upon your docs for that ,so please edit it on topics such as error handling(on which only list of errors is given) and so on and so forth. Would mean alot if you could make it more detailed on topics like php as it is for android(as internet is filled with help on java topic only).

Hi Jack,

We don’t provide explanations on some language constructs in our docs, since its Backendless documentation, not a PHP one, for example. So we just provide the samples on how to use Backendless SDK or API with a specific language.

If you have any concrete suggestions on what we should add to the docs - we would be very thankful. If you provide code samples with detailed descriptions, we may even add them to the docs as is.