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Don't save the received json variable in the table

Hey everyone.

I receive in my json variables a variable named “user”, I have used this variable just to find another object then I want to save the “user” as name client in the table or to not save this variable in the column when I make

Could you please give me a sample?

This appears to be a rather long sentence. To be honest, I didn’t quite understand what you need to do…


Okay sorry

In my json I receive for example:
{“orderId”: “12323jsdjjdds12e313sd”,

In my javascript code, I use the userId to find the personId in another table, then I do:

Here the userId will be saved in “table”, so I don’t want it to be saved in the table.

All you need to do is remove it from the JSON before you save the object back…

Could you please tell me how to delete it cause this what I am searching for?

Well this is kind of outside of backendless, right? :slight_smile:

Try to put this into google:

how to delete property from json in js

I think the first result is exactly what you need.


Found it.

Just to let who joined the forum here to knows how:

“delete receivedJson.userId”