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Downgrade To Free Tier

(Jeff Fate) #1

Next month I don’t need the Cloud 9 plan due to decreased usage, but I can’t seem to downgrade for next month right now. How can I do that?

(Mark Piller) #2

Is the app over the free limit right now? If so, which one?

(Jeff Fate) #3

Yes, it currently is over the free limit, which is why I am currently paying for Cloud 9. What do you need to know about the app? I only have 1.

(Mark Piller) #4

I am asking what limit the app is going over? (data tables, data objects, file space, geofences, etc)

(Jeff Fate) #5

Oh, push notifications are over the limit.

(Mark Piller) #6

No problem, I will schedule the change to go in effect on April 30th so you won’t be charged when the subscription is renewed on May1st.


(Jeff Fate) #7

Thank you Mark

(Jeff Fate) #8

Hi Mark, I was just charged for May. Can I please get that refunded to stay in line with what you stated here?

(Mark Piller) #9

Hi Jeff,

I just processed refund. I apologize, it should’ve been done on Friday as I original wrote.



(Anton) #10

HI Mark, I want to downgrade to free for some time. we are currently not using the app can you do this urgently?

App ID: A5702D2C-1734-6954-FF53-27A9D3028100

(Mark Piller) #11


The free plan has been removed from 3.x on November 1st. You cannot downgrade to it, the plan is not there. If you’d like to avoid billing, you can delete the app.