Download Business Logic project with existing code

I have created an event handler for a data table and have deployed it to production. Now I am trying to create another event handler so I go to “Code Generation” tab, click “Add Event Handler” and then download the generated code. But now my first event handler is empty. What is the correct way to download the current version of Business Logic project?

Hi Kateryna,

Sorry for the delay with answer.

Code Generation in Business Logic was designed as an instrument for quick start of writing custom code. It gives you a boilerplate code which you can use for building you own logic.
It does not keep the state of your production code and it generates new project every time when you use it.

If we talk about JS Business Logic you can saw production version of your project in File Service servercode/JS/v1/ but this folder is closed for editing.

So if you would like to add some event handlers to your production Business Logic project, you should add this code directly to your local version of the project (which was deployed) and then redeploy it. You can use the Code Generation like examples of code.

We understand that it is not very convenient approach and we work for improving this.

Regards, Ilya

Hi Ilya,

Is there a way to download all contents of servercode/JS/v1/ in case I don’t have the production version of code locally?

The temporary workaround is to zip and download whole Root directory.

Regards, Ilya

Ok, thanks.