Dynamic list behavior in backendless not giving access to row data

appID 28192055-62AC-0FE3-FFED-4E26B6E33C00

Trying to reference Country Table that belongs to the object. That belongs to a City Table it’s
giving me this not giving access to row data.

Hi Derrick,

Looks like a property name is missing here: Screenshot by Lightshot


Hello Mark,

Going through your UI builder Master Class on Youtube Developing a basic app with database integration. Trying to access the Name of the Country through a Data relation that belongs to the City Table that has data dynamic list behavior enabled. The quick question right now still using the Springboard plan would that be an issue that’s causing the problem.

No, the Springboard plan does not apply any functional limitations.

Trying to load Name property of relation column of Country in the City Table. Using dynamic list behavior. It loads Cities but not the name of the Country.

Hello @Derrick_Edwards

The dynamic behavior component must be “container”, not the block in which the container is located
I also found a problem with the database.
Some cities are not “related” to “country” and when you try to get the property Name of Country which is undefined an error occurs. For this, I recommend that you use this logic: