Easier file upload process

Hello all,

Every app requires file uploads, most of the time they’re images, I think it would be a good idea to make the process easier, like other mBaas services, I think there should be a “File” field type, you can use the validation to validate the file type or extension.
The file field will automate what we repeatedly do, which is create a logic where we upload the file then get the extension and make another request to add the data object with the URL received.
I think this can be a great improvement to the data objects.

Keep up the great work!

Hi, Khalil!

Actually we are in the middle of implementing new field type called File Reference that will be quite similar to what you’ve suggested.
Thanks for help in improving Backendless!

That’s great news Anatolii !
Keep up the great work guys!

Hello all,

Is it already available? I noticed the new field in the console but I am wondering how I should use it…
Thanks for the feedback!