easyFB login function, No way of automatically setting password and loggin in the user.

So after a successful easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping

The user
is redirected to the app, his email and firstname are both gathered to
the backendless backend tables but there is no way of using

[[Backendless sharedInstance].userService login:self.emailTextField.text
password:self.passwordTextField.text response:^(BackendlessUser *user) {

        } error:^(Fault *fault) {

so when the user gets redirected to the app there is no way to set the backendless to see him as a logged in user.

so what are my options?

  1. can backendlesss set a random password and then login the user automatically and email him the password?

  2. can i force a logged in token once the user is back from authorizing facebook and the app reloads?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts thanks.

If you use easyLoginWithFacebookFieldsMapping, then there is no need to do [[Backendless sharedInstance].userService login:, since the user would already be logged in and your app should have BackendlessUser object representing the user. See step 4 in the “easy login” section on this page: