Email confirmation delay-unarrival

Hey guys,
I’m trying the confirmation email feature.
I’ve enabled the feature, deleted the row of my user in user tables, and registered.
I received an email only after 10 minutes
I tried again, deleted the user, then registered,
this time I haven’t received the confirmation email. it’s been 2 hours. It’s not in spam either
the userStatus column shows EMAIl_CONFIRMATION.


Hi Tal,

We had an intermittent problem with the mail server. Could you please retry and let us know if it is working for you now?


Alright! :slight_smile:
This time I got the email right away!

This is not working again…

Could you let me know the email addresses which you believe have not received the email? (you can send it to


It work now, I don’t know the reason it failed because since then I deleted the row of the user.