emoji in Backendless

Does backendless support emoji es ?

and also login with emoji ?

Now iOS SDK don’t support emoji. We plan to add it asap.

Hi, thanks for answer,sorry forgot to specify that I use the android SDK. So you mean that android SDK support emoji , right ? And also login and register with it

What I do with emoji in a data object is the following (I don’t use it for login so maybe you adapt this to work with login). You’ll need to use the Apache Commons Lang library for encoding and decoding the emoji. You can just google “Stringescapeutils” if you want more info about it

To send to Backendless:

  1. Get the string I want
  2. Encode all the emoji in the string
  3. Doing a simple character replacement for every “” character with a symbol, in this case “:slash:” because “” characters don’t translate well when sending them over the server.
final String text = editText.getText().toString();
String message = StringEscapeUtils.escapeJava(text);
message = message.replaceAll("\\\\", ":slash:");

Once you get the string from Backendless:

  1. Revert the “:slash:” symbol to “” character with exception handling in case a string might not contain an emoji
  2. Decode the string to get the original emoji back
  3. Set your textview or whatever with the new decoded string with the emoji
try {
 text = text.replaceAll(":slash:", "\\\\");
} catch (Exception e) {//exception handling}
String message = StringEscapeUtils.unescapeJava(text);

Hi Ali Adel Sadeq, thank you for answer, I’m already use the StringEscapeUtils for emojis, but its works perfectly, except for the login, I can register with username which is containing emoji, but I can’t make login with that username. Will try to replace all / in to :slash: