Enable multiple logins option behaviour


Our Backendless project allows our customers to login using both our website and mobile app. So I wanted to set ‘Enable multiple logins’ to 2 simultaneous logins so that one customer could log in to both website and the app at the same time.

However, I was left a bit confused, why this option does not support ‘logout and notify first user’ when a new login occurs? It instead fails, returning an error ‘max limit reached’. If a user lost his old phone and trying to log in on a new phone, how is he supposed to log in to his account?


Hello @Justinas_Grazulis

This is common behavior but can create a user token storage, where you manage a queue of user logins, set a max 3 user session, and create a handler that could manage your queue of logging, and when the third device tries to log in, you just log out first.

Regards, Dima