Enable/Disable Custom Events in Production

Hi, this page:


seems to say that (Custom?) Events moved into production can be enabled and disabled. However, it appears that the page associated with the current Production tab in the Business Logic section does not look like that in the figure. In particular, there is no “Enable” column. Is selecting the (Custom?) Event and deleting now the way to remove a (Custom?) Event from production?

Also, does checking the “Async” box in the Code Generation and Production tab next to a (Custom?) Event mean the event is asynchronous and can’t return data back to the client when the client raises the event?


The Async checkbox turns your event handler into an asynchronous one - that is Backendless will not wait for the result of event handler’s invocation.


Hi Kevin,

You are correct, event handlers in production cannot be enabled/disabled. Selecting and deleting an event handler is the way to remove it from production.

As for the Async checkbox, I asked for a clarification from the dev team and will let you know when I get the answer.


Thank you. This answers well the questions we have.