Error 1000 while saving object


A simple request to save FeedRecord object (which works yesterday) gives me error 1000 - Entity with the specified ID cannot be found: Id - 87C76E1E-F295-DCCD-FF54-62634EC58500

if I not set .author - works fine, but in this case how do I should determine author of the record?

    FeedRecord *record = [FeedRecord new];

    record.text = @"sometext"; = backendless.userService.currentUser;

    record.ownerId = backendless.userService.currentUser.objectId;

    id <IDataStore> dataStore = [backendless.persistenceService of:[FeedRecord class]];

    [dataStore save:record response:^(id obj){


    }error:^(Fault *error){



Where does “87C76E1E-F295-DCCD-FF54-62634EC58500” come from? Is it objectid of the current user?

No. I don’t have such id in base at all

I’ve updated SDK to 3.0.18 (was 3.0.16) this morning and after that I guess error appear

downgrade to 3.0.16 doesn’t help

We can take a look at your project. Can you zip it up (all of it), upload to google drive or dropbox and email us the link to ? Please include the link to this support topic.


I’ve deleted app, install again and login. Now I have new error - 1022

All related objects for a property must be of the same type. Property name - meets

I have ‘meets’ BackendlessUser custom property - this is relationship one-to-many with Users table - I need to know “connections” between users.

But FeedRecord doesn’t contain such property

Users table with ‘meet’</img>

and FeedRecord table with ‘author’</img>

Well… I’ve registered a new user, and this code working ok. No errors

Is the problem resolved?

Seems so. With clean registration I can create objects. Any guesses why errors 1000 & 1022 migh occur?

Not sure. There was some kind of inconsistency between the model classes on the client and the server-side representation of them.

I have this exact error, only it occurs when trying to load a token in my dispatch activity.

I follow the documentation to get userObjectId from the UserTokenStorageFactory.instance().getStorage().get(), however the objectId that is returning does not exist in my data anywhere. I have tried what the above user did which was create a new user, however the same issue comes up.

Every time I re-log the user, a new objectId is generated and saved to the token storage, however this never is the same objectId as the user logging in…