Error : Cannot allocate new thread in EventHandler Backendless v4

I want an auto-increment field in 1 Table.

For that I have use Event Handlers.
Error - Cannot allocate new thread. You can remove this limitation by purchasing a function pack in Backendless Marketplace.

I have used it previously in other project. There was no such restriction at that time.
Have I done something wrong? or what pack do I need to buy?

Hi Ketan

The limitation applies to the number of Java threads that you use in any of the Business logic scripts (handlers/timers/services). You might have been developing previous project when Backendless 4.0 was in beta, where limits where increased. Now you can do one of the following:

  • upgrade the billing plan to ‘Cloud 9’ which allows 3 concurrent Java threads;
  • purchase function pack in Marketplace (screen attached). Keep in mind that marketplace purchases are allowed only on paid plans.

Regards Anton