Error during saving an object

During saving an object with relation Backendless returns this error: BackendlessFault{ code: ‘Internal client exception’, message: 'Unable to adapt array to data type: class }
Sent detailed stacktrace to support mail.

Hi Denys,

Please send also your Vehicle class, seems that the SDK finds an array property in it.

Sent to support mail

Still haven’t received it, are you sure you sent it to

Sent again

Got it, thanks.

Unfortunately, nothing obvious here - the classes seem to be OK for the first sight.

I will need to ask you to prepare a minimal sample which would reproduce the error so that we could debug and resolve it. It seems you could make a small java app with your data classes which only calls save on one of them.

When I make CurrentVehicle variable public - I get this error. If I use private field with getters/setters it works ok.

But I need to leave this property public.
When I wrap save method by try/catch I catch this error and in catch clause I fetch the “problem” object by id and everything is ok(by the way the object is successfully saved on backend side), so the problem is in saving Backendless logic, only during saving Backendless returns this strange error.

Might be so, but we still need something to reproduce the problem. It doesn’t happen with simple objects with relations.