"error": "no response from server"


I tried running a service in the cloud version of backendless, here am not getting the response from that function.
public class GetData implements IBackendlessService{
public String Data(String s){
return "Hi " + s;
}It is giving the json
“error”: “no response from server”
} with the response code 0

I’m not getting any error or warnings in the terminal.

Verify that all services has been started and are running correctly.
If it’s ok - try to restart all of them and try calling method again.
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Hi Alex,
Can you please brief me what are all the needed services and how to verify.
As per my knowledge it is working fine, even the argument which am passing is logged.


I mean services that you start when running backendless cloud version: mysql, redis, taskman etc. Here is a sample of console for cloud:
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