Error signing in with google for iOS app

I have been following the documentation for google signin.

The first and foremost error I encountered is that google complaining about redirect uri mismatch . I have double checked and confirmed that the reveal client id in the plist file which contains google configuration and the url scheme both are same. Still I couldn’t get rid of that error, so I added the redirect uri manually in google console. Now the problem is, after getting redirected from google, I am encountering the following error

Error Code=400 “(null)” UserInfo={json={

error = "invalid_request";

"error_description" = "client_secret is missing.";


My code is the exact replica of code that was in documentation.
Please help me out

Hi Vidya,

Just to clarify: have you used this documentation ?

Yes, that was the documentation I followed

I’ve created an internal task to check Google login on iOS and investigate if there are any problems. For reference, the task ID is BKNDLSS-13940. We shall notify you here as soon as we have any results.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience!

Hello, Vidya.
I’ve just checked signing in with Google and everything works fine.
Please, check your Google app configuration, Google+ ID and Google+ secret in the Web Console again and make sure your code is written according to the documentation.
If the issue still persists, consider purchasing payed support option in Marketplace. If the issue turns out to be a bug in our system, payment will be refunded.