Error with HTTP request

I am using Google Docs API and specifically this method

I am replicating it like this in Codeless

This has been working for over a year. Suddenly, I am getting a 404 error (Not Found). I have not changed anything.

It seems that the path is being passed from backendless to Google as encoded, namely:{documentId}%3AbatchUpdate

I tried using a decode block but I cannot transform the %3A back into a :

Any ideas?

Hi @Andreas_Marinopoulos

looking into it

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could you please provide the entire URL which you are trying to send to the google API, you can send me as a private message, and you can change there any secret string, but I need to see all the specific characters like : or %3A

the issues has been solved in PM

@vladimir-upirov issue has reappeared

I think the fix on encoding url has been reapplied, can you revert it again?

reverted again, thanks