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Event handler not activated when adding data

i have a service that create objects in data table and i have an event set to the table to check if the record already exist and block the new record creation.
event work when creating data from the REST API but not from codeless

Hi Mohammad,

At the present moment invocation of business logic (event handler) from another business logic (API service) doesn’t work.


bumer :frowning:
codeless is the main reason i went backendless :slight_smile:

hope this on the road map soon

It is not just codeless. The same restriction is with Java and JavaScript. The reason it is there is to prevent developers from creating circular dependencies in the code execution. You still should be able to refactor the code to accommodate your use-case.

codeless have the execution time limit (witch i already have the extension) and im afraid i will reach the limit 25 sec if i add extra logic. is there a way to buy faster execution time or buy more execution time?

Longer execution time is available only with Backendless Pro and Managed Backendless.