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Failed App Migration from Backendless 3x to 4x

(Eric Kimanzi) #1

This is the message response received:
Backendless finished processing data and files from your 3.x application. There were failures during the migration process.
Please contact Backendless Support for assistance. To do this, make send your application ID of the application you attempted to migrate to 4.0 to
Detailed migration report is available at:
Thank you,
The Backendless Team
Backendless 3x Application ID: 38A72038-B79A-5883-FFCB-08F843D77C00
Backendless 4x Application ID: FA2B13D4-80F5-B2EF-FF1D-0D7DBF0FBC00

(Oleg Vyalyh) #2

Hi, Eric.
We’ve created inner task BKNDLSS-16117 and investigate this problem.
We’ll reply to you as soon as there is a new information.

(Eric Kimanzi) #3

Ok thanks

(Eric Kimanzi) #4

What’s the current status on the migration issue?

(Vladimir Upirov) #5

Hi Eric

developer is working on it now, we will notify you about any result as soon as possible

Regards, Vlad

(Eric Kimanzi) #6

OK, Please do.

(Eric Kimanzi) #7

Hi Vlad,

What’s the progress so far?
Currently my app can’t login any users due to the migration issue therefore I need to get it running soon.

Thanks in advance

(Oleg Vyalyh) #8

This problem has been fixed.
Production servers will be updated in next one-two days. As we’ve mentioned above we will notify you here ASAP.

(Eric Kimanzi) #9

Ok thanks. Let me see if the app works as expected now.

(Eric Kimanzi) #10


Currently my app is unable to add any data to the database. Getters and setters method are not working

(Anton Govorushkin) #11

We are currently updating production servers with the necessary code to fix the migration problem you’ve described. It will be available in 30-60 minutes. You’ll need to process the migration again, after that I’d recommend to generate classes for your data tables (in Code Generation section in your backendless application) and then try again.

If the issue with getters and setters will still persist - create a separate support topic with description of how to reproduce the problem.

Best Regards

(Anton Govorushkin) #12

Production servers have been updated with a fix.
Please verify

Best Regards

(Eric Kimanzi) #13

Thanks, it’s working fine now