Failing to select elements from the UI

My Monday is harder today :frowning: Am failing to select icons from the UI, i have to navigate from the tool box layers which is TIME consuming, and tiring.Processing: WhatsApp Video 2021-09-20 at 15.14.00.mp4…

I have recorded and attached video evidence so that you see what i mean. Am not so fluent in english you might not be getting what i mean.

WhatsApp Video 2021-09-20 at (7.1 MB)

I just deleted the data table and it started working fine. So i guess the problem is with the data table…

Hi. Could you also provide your app-id.

Hello @Dalubuhle_Lunga

Thank you for recording that video, but unfortunately, it’s not quite clear where the problem is.
I saw you were trying to click on some blue button and what were you expecting to get?
Maybe you can share some screenshots?

Regards, Vlad

Hello @Dalubuhle_Lunga

From the screenshot or video, we cannot figure out what the problem is.
Can you provide us your appId to investigate this problem.

Could you not create new topics and continue to write in this?


Let me send the App ID. I ientified the problem though. With my data tabl i am unable to edit anything that is out side the table. The blue think is a button i was trying to click on it, when you click on something the icons have to come on top of it and it has to be selected. However, that was not happening. But when i removed the table everything started working fine
let me send the APP ID

Here is the app ID. I will replace the Tables to you see what mean exactly


Here’s a great tool to record screencasts:
This way it will be very clear what you click.

@vladimir-upirov @viktor.liablin @oleg-vyalyh thanks for the feedback. Am always amazed by how quick you respond. I’ve added the app ID. I think its a bug that has to do with the data table tool in the UI builder. It makes it impossible to edit other icons. Am trying to display information on the top left, that is collected in the form on the bottom left, the right side will be the information history.

Thanks Mark.

I launched the “capture-plant-data” page in your app. What do I do next to see the problem?

i just added the data table can you refresh the page and see how it behaves now

I put it under history plant data

From the UI builder if you try to select any text or input with the data table on the same page, nothing happens, you will now have to navigate from the tool box. I ended up deleting the data table so that i can edit other elements.

Here is a screen recording that shows that all inputs are working with the data table present on the page: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Yes on the launched app they work just fine. I saw that too.
Can you check on the UI builder side. I want to be able to select text and edit it.

text outside the data table.

My english is not good man thats why we don’t understand each other, but i’ve tried to make a video. Hopefully it will make more sense than my typed English. Its not really an issue of output, its a process issue. The output is ok. (50.8 MB)

Thank you for recording the video. I understand the problem now.

Btw, your English is just fine, I can understand everything, please don’t worry about it.

We’re looking into the problem and will update you soon.

That would be great,
Thank you Mark.