Fault Code 36

I received fault code 36 when attempting to login a user. I assume this is a reference to fault 3036 - account locked due to too many failed logins. However, I have “unlimited logins” enabled. Furthermore, I deleted the user from my Backendless console and tried to register the same e-mail address from the app, but received the same error.

Any ideas?

Hi Dylan,

Could you please post here the error exactly as it arrived from the server?


Hi Mark,

Here is my code:

public void registrationButtonPress(final String name, final String pw){

BackendlessUser newUser = new BackendlessUser();
newUser.setProperty(“email”, name);

Backendless.UserService.register(newUser, new AsyncCallback<BackendlessUser>() {
public void handleResponse(BackendlessUser user) {
//App Business Logic
public void handleFault(BackendlessFault fault) {
Log.d(“debug”, "NOT logged in! " + fault.getCode());
// login failed, to get the error code call fault.getCode()

This code returns the following in Logcat:
NOT logged in! 36

The 36 is what the fault.getcode() call returns.

Note: It ONLY does this with one particular email address, which I have since deleted from my Backendless data storage, without effect.

to see the error message use fault.getMessage() and fault.getDetail() than you will have more information to solve the issue

fault.getMessage() returns “Duplicate entry”.

fault.getDetail() returns “null”.


I assigned it to a developer to investigate.

Am I right that the steps to reproduce would be these:?

    Register a user Delete user account Register user with the same email address as (1)
Regards, Mark

I believe this was the order:

  1. Register a user
  2. Attempt multiple signins with the wrong password
  3. Delete user account (this was my attempt to get around the user being locked out)
  4. Attempt to register the user again

If your developer is unable to duplicate, I can try to get a more accurate replication on my own system.

Hi Dylan,

Did you receive this error on registration or on login?