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File remove

(Evgeny Tishkin) #1

The documentation says that when a file uploaded, it is saved at: id)/(REST-api-key)/files/(path)/(file name)
But actually when a file is uploaded, FileService returns a slightly different path: id)/(REST-api-key)/files/(path)/(file name)

When I need to delete a file, I need to pass the path and file name, i.e. to exclude id)/(REST-api-key)/files/

Should I change the constant to so that everything works out correctly? And why get disagreement with the documentation?

(Evgeny Tishkin) #2

A small amendment. FileService saves not at this address id)/(REST-api-key)/files/(path)/(file name)
but for this id)/(Code Runner API key)/files/(path)/(file name)

Saving happens through Codeless

(Mark Piller) #3

Hello @Evgeny_Tishkin,

You’re correct, when a file is uploaded it is available via the domain. The domain should be used only for the download (HTTP GET) operation on the file. For other operations, such as deleting, moving or copying the file you should use the domain. The discrepancy in the documentation will be fixed.


(Evgeny Tishkin) #4

Hello @mark-piller
Thanks for the reply. I will consider this in my code.