File Uploader: Change file name before upload

Are there any examples on how to change a filename in the File object of the File Uploader?

I would assume that this needs to be done in the On Before Upload Event, but I’m not getting anywhere with this approach. I can’t seem to find any instructions, or examples for doing this.

I can see the name property of the list, but I can’t seem to get at it.

I need to add 12 characters of the current objectId to the beginning of the filename and save it after that’s been done.

Any help to get me pointed in the right direction would be appreciated.

Hello @Michael_Kadron

You can use the File Name Logic handler. For example, like this:


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Thank you!

I can’t believe that I missed that! :slight_smile:


From “Alexander Pavelko via Backendless Support” <>
To “Michael Kadron” <>
Date 11/2/2022 6:38:31 AM
Subject [Backendless Support] [Server Code/Codeless] File Uploader: Change file name before upload

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