Free Plan 3.x

I have an app with 3.x version, but with this app im using SDK for Android and SDK for PHP, i received an email telling me the free plan will be discontinued on November 1st.

mi first question is:

if i buy a 200,000 Data Objects, my app always be a free plan and i will get discontinued?

and my second question is:
in 4.x version has a SDK for PHP?

Hi Franklin,

When an app is on the free plan, you cannot make Marketplace purchases. The purchases are available only for the apps on the paid plans. If you would like to keep your app in the 3.x version of Backendless, you would need to upgrade to the Cloud9 plan.

The version 4 does not have SDK for PHP. The SDK is open source and we welcome the community to make changes and submit pull requests to make the SDK compatible with version 4.