Free plan changes

Hi, I’ve publish my application in March 2017 with used free plan. The plan allows me to use three scripts on server side and completely responds my needs. My app works fine, but recently I received email that free plan was changed and now I can have only one business logic script and my app will suspend on 1st November. So now I should move to another plan in order to let my app’s api work fine. How can I use backendless further if it can’t guarantee me the stable billing plan? When I started project I was sure that I’ll have three free scripts and my app’s structure was based on this fact. Is very sad that update of billing plans affects on users who already used this plan and you force them to leave free plan.

We have announced that 3.x free plan will be discontinued right with the first announcement of version 4. That was more than eight months ago. Since then we wrote about several times in the blog and also in a newsletter. There was plenty of time to migrate to version 4. If you have not done it yet, you can upgrade to a paid plan and start working on migration to version 4.