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Free Plan in Backendless 3.x

(Dmitriy Kagarlickij) #1

We’ve received notification that our Backendless 3.x free plan will expire on Nov 1st,
could you please how it can be upgraded to a paid plan in Backendless 3.x and how much will it cost for our app id 8D19097C-8898-2E55-FFCE-57E459EC2A00 ?

(Anton Govorushkin) #2

Hi Dmitriy,

Only applications that are on free plan will be no longer supported. If your application runs on any of the paid plans it will not be effected. As far as I can see your app runs on a paid (Cloud 9) plan, so don’t worry about the terms. The only thing which is weird is that you have received this notification. Could you please forward the email to

Best Regards

(Dmitriy Kagarlickij) #3


How can I check which plan our apps are running?
I suspect email was received because we have also a few more free apps (I don’t think we’re using them, that’s why I want to check billing)

(Anton Govorushkin) #4

Simply navigate to Manage > Billing in your Backendless application. You will see the currently selected billing plan.

Best Regards

(Dmitriy Kagarlickij) #5

Thanks, we’re done with it, please feel free to close it as done