Full data migration to new application

Hi there,

We were using Backendless application for development purposes.
Now it’s time to go in Production,
…and we want to keep development application for development purposes and create Prod application for production usage.

I’ve made full Export from current Dev application and Import to new one (which is Prod),and it seems like a lot of stuff is missing:

    Development team members (Manage > App Settings)
    Marketplace purchases (Manage > Billing)
    User properties (Users)
    Login properties (Users)
    Application Roles (Users > Security & Restrictions)
    Values in Users system table (Data)
    Folders and files (Files)
    Messages (Messaging)
Maybe there's another way to export and import all data?

Looking forward for your reply,

Anything related to billing (your credit card info, development team - which requires a function pack, all other marketplace purchases, etc) are not included into the export. Before you migrate your app, what you should do is this:

    Prepare the new app by adding a credit card and making the same purchases from the Marketplace as in the original app. Add additional team members to the dev team. Create a zip archive of files from the old app (console allows you to do that) and copy the zip into the new app. Then unzip the file (console can do it too). This will migrate your files. Run export in the old app, this will include all data objects and users. Import the data into the new app.
This will take care of items 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 from your list.

Messages (item 8) are migrated because they live in the system for only a minute.

App roles should be migrated manually. It is the only item that requires manual intervention.