getProperty returns not checkable object

I added to User table the relational property.
The property is the relation to another table.
I have a command that retrieves the relational property from the user as:

Object[] toys = (Object[]) loggedInUser.getProperty("MyToys");

When the relation is not empty it returns array of object as expected,
but if it is a new user, on which the relation “MyToys” is still empty - i get something that look in debugger watch like Object[0]@4815.
When i check the object toys on null or on .length > 0, like regular array - it crashes my application.
How can i deal with it ?


I think this issue not related to Backendless SDK.
It related only to coding skills and requires debugging of your app.

According to our Support Policy we can not debug/troubleshoot your code.

On other objects i can check zero pointer without a problem.
What exactly the SDK should return in case the relation property field is empty?

Please provide your app id.
I will check what is wrong with this object.

Is it secure to pass here the app id ?

Please send it to

Hello Kate.
I sent you the App Id.
Could you please check my problem?
What the empty relation should return on getProperty ?