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Getting a column from a response

How to I get a certain column from a table result (response). E.g I mean I want to find the result of all users with birth Month as august, and get all their ownerId’s. (NB.) Getting the users with birth month is not the problem, but how do I get all the response ownerId’s, that Wat am stucked with.

Hi @Yomade_Stephens

if you are able to load specific users you should be able to get ownerId property for each object, don’t you?

could you please provide code snippet where you are stuck.

Regards, Vlad

Yh I can get the ownerId property. But what I get is that Of the last user. Let say the response returns 5 users, when I try getting each user ownerId I gert just one ownerId (that Of the last user in the response, the fifth.) all I need is to get the whole users ownerId.

Int position;

Dataquerybuilder dataquery = Dataquerybuilder.create();

dataquery. Setwhereclause(“DOB = ‘august’”);“user”).find(dataquery, new async…{

Handle response {
String ownerIds = String.Valueof(response.get(position).getownerId);

Handle fault {
Toast “something happened.”

My problem is where I try to get the whole users position and get there ownerId. But it keeps returning the last user Id only.

where does position come from?

in order to get list of ownerIds you have to iterate your response and get ownerId for each one and put it into the ownerIds list

Hope u do mind I get a little help on this from you.

yeah, sure, here you go

Tanx a lot.