Getting exception - "Failed to retrieve billing data for previously allocated component"

Hi -
Getting below exception while trying to deploy Backend code.
My App ID is “09667F8B-98A7-E6B9-FFEB-B2B6EE831A00”.</img>

Gets the same exception on login to console too. Screenshot below.</img>

Please help. Thanks.



Hi - Can you please help ??? I am not able to do anything in app cause of this.
Also, why all of sudden I start getting this issue ?? I faced it few days back too (

We are working on it.


Hi Aditya,

Please try this case again.



Its still same issue.

I can’t reproduce your issue now

ksv@Sergeys-MacBook-Air:~/Downloads/MARKET_APP/bin$ ./ 
Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005
[INFO] JDK from "JAVA_HOME" - /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_102.jdk/Contents/Home
[INFO] JRE from "JRE_HOME"  - not set.
[WARN] WARNING! It appears you do not have JAVA_HOME and JRE_HOME environment variables set.
This is not necessarily a problem, but it may lead to errors during CodeRunner execution.
If you experience problems related to security policy permissions, the JAR utility or others,
please try setting up the JAVA_HOME environment variable by pointing it to the root directory
of your JDK location (must be version 1.8 or higher).
[INFO] CodeRunner(tm) Backendless Debugging Utility
[INFO] Copyright(C) 2016 Backendless Corp. All rights reserved. 
[INFO] Version: 3.0.21 Build date: 20160826-1139
[INFO] CodeRunner session is running for 2 hours and will be terminated on 13:10:15.770[UTC]

[INFO] Registering runner on: '' with version 'v1'
[INFO] Application ID:  '09667F8B-98A7-E6B9-FFEB-B2B6EE831A00'
[INFO] Secret key:      'your-key'
[INFO] Runner successfully registered
[INFO] Parsing event model...
[INFO] Build successfully: 0 handlers, 0 timers, 1 service
[INFO] Deploying model to server, and starting debug...
[INFO] Model successfully deployed.
[INFO] Waiting for events...
[INFO] Publishing 0 event handlers and 0 timers and 1 service to the server… 
[INFO] Service published
[INFO] If you connected to coderunner for debug - please stop debugging
[INFO] CodeRunner will shutdown now
[INFO] Debugging Utility disconnected successfully
[INFO] Thank you for using Backendless

The Deploy.bat is running fine now - after few retries.

But I am not able to upload ‘Host APIs’ now - check below screenshot. It keeps trying in wait state for a long time, and then gives this error.

Please help.</img>

I was able to reproduce this issue once, but than everything was fine. We still working on this issue, in mean time try please again.

I am getting this issue each time !! Still not able to deploy APIs.


we have made a couple improvements. Please try again.