Getting images from file system timing out

My image CDN auto-fetches images if they don’t exist. I use this feature to move images from the Backendless file system to our CDN. This has been working fine until yesterday when these errors showed up in the logs -

The image exists in backendless. Was there a maintenance outage or another reason this would have stopped working?


Hello @Tim_Jones

have you tried troubleshooting?

is the your custom domain which is registered in the backendless app?

Is your backendless app on the Springboard plan?

Hi @vladimir-upirov,

I’m not sure what I can do for troubleshooting. It works right now but clearly wasn’t working then. is our custom domain for our app. We’re on the Cloud 99 plan.


perhaps by the following link, you can find some helpful information


I should have included the link for your review. I think these are all issues that I don’t have access to, which is why I posted. Is there server level or account level error logs I can access that are not code generated errors?

Possible causes of errors

Common causes of why files are not fetched:

  • 403 error - your server refused Sirv access to the file. There are many possible reasons, such as forbidden access, rejected IP address or invalid configuration.
  • 404 error - the file is missing from your server. Resolve this by checking the Referrer field, to see which web page is referencing the file, then either fix the broken URL or upload the missing image to your server.
  • 504 error - your server terminated the request as a timeout after some time. Check if your server is using rate limiting. If so, either increase or remove the rate limit for Sirv IP addresses.
  • Timeout was reached - Sirv timed out the request after 10 seconds and returned a 504 response because your server either didn’t respond or didn’t finish responding. Your server may have a firewall or proxy that is rate-limiting or blocking requests from Sirv IPs, particularly if many requests were sent in a short space of time. If your firewall/proxy is delaying/blocking the Sirv user agent Sirv Image Service, add a firewall rule to allow requests from Sirv’s user agent.
  • SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK - the domain of the remote server does not have a valid SSL certificate. Configure an SSL certificate on your domain or fetch over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Sirv will return a 526 error response.
  • Number of redirects hit maximum amount - the remote domain did not return the image - it redirected Sirv’s request to another location. One redirect is permitted; a second redirect will fail. Sirv will return a 500 error response.

seems like this is our case

perhaps it could be some network issues and the requests weren’t finished in 10 seconds

you’ve got errors only on Aug 21? or do you still can see such issues?

This does seem likely. Can you investigate on your end at all? There was another timeout error yesterday.

Hello @Tim_Jones,

The internal ticket BKNDLSS-29451 is created to investigate this issue.


Thank you for the help.